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Quebec Outfitters Camp, Season 3, Episode 28 - Club Fontbrune

The second episode of the Quebec Outfitters Camp takes place at Club Fontbrune in the Laurentides region. The central point of the adventure will be walleye fishing in Piscatoine Lake, located in the Baskatong reservoir. Combining both fishing and hunting, our team will also get on the tracks of the black bear.

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Détails de la saison

The Province of Quebec and its vast, inhabited territories are, for a third season, explored by the lenses of the Quebec Outfitters Camp production team. Generous and diversified, the outfitters our team met during the season will offer you a glimpse of their everyday life through many hunting and fishing adventures.

Sometimes turned upon action, sometimes upon discovery, the Quebec Outfitters Camp series will bring you to discover a wide range of outdoor activities set by Quebec outfitters. A sequence of high quality images meant to grant you access to wide-open air without leaving your couch. Enjoy!


Description : 13 Episodes

Quebec Outfitters Camp Season 3 – English Version