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Quebec Outfitters Camp, Season 5, Episode 65, Highlights

After so much distance travelled and so many places visited, it’s finally time to unpack our bags and reflect on this season’s highlights. Re-experience the most unforgettable moments caught by our cameras, and relive our most unbelievable adventures! In this last, colourful episode, we showcase yet again the sheer diversity of the Quebec wilderness, the joy the great outdoors can bring, along with the generous, passionate men and women who make it all possible.


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Season details

The Quebec Outfitters Camp is back for a fifth straight season. For us, it continues to be a source of immense pleasure and pride to share the spectacular scenes we’ve gathered during our travels across Quebec. From the lands of the Cree nation in the James Bay region to the barren northern landscapes of Nunavik, from southern Québec to Anticosti Island, witness Quebec’s natural and animal marvels in all their majesty along with the courage of the people who devote their lives to protecting and showcasing them.

Join us for all the hunting and fishing you can handle, and for landscapes that will take your breath away. And it’s all made possible through the generosity of Quebec outfitters, the hard work of the Camp team and the limitless bounty of Mother Nature. So get comfortable and prepare for adventure!